MBP/s glitch

  • 15 September 2020
  • 2 replies

Shadow keeps using 0.2 or 2 MBP/s despite having 25 MBP/s allocated. Low bandwidth is activated, if I deactivate it, nothing happens. I have a 100 MBP/s connection. And my Shadow is connected to the Santa Clara server. And if it helps I haven’t used Shadow for a week since I had some technical issues with my 100 MBP/s connection.

2 replies

Are you running any applications while seeing the 2mb/s stat?  If you’re just sitting on the desktop, you’ll see lower framerates but they should go up once you open an application.

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Data is also used as the screen needs to be refreshed. Anywhere from .2mbps to 1mbps is normal when idle.