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  • 11 December 2020
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Hi there ladies and gents,


After the last update on 9th of December some people might have encountered some microphone issues, I noticed that my mic wasn’t working when I was using discord, and after trying a couple of days many different settings and having a headache finally today I updated my windows from the “Windows Update” screen and I restarted my shadow, the issue was gone and the mic was working again. 


Sometimes problems are smaller that we think,




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Also check this if your mic doesn’t work:

General steps of getting Mic working. (On Shadow)
1. Enable via Quick Menu (Microphone section not USB peripherals)
2. Go to Sound Control Panel
3. Recording tab and properties on External Microphone Headphone
4. Levels (check not muted)
5. Listen tab (tick Listen to device and apply)
6. If you hear yourself untick and apply (ignore the green feedback bar all is good)
7. If doesn't work, restart both Shadow and Local. (if on Mac check privacy settings for Shadow allowing the mic)
8. If still no luck, open a ticket with support.

-- Alternatively Use USB Forwarding and DISABLE the "Activate Microphone" function. USB Forwarding should only be used if you have a stable Internet connection, and your upload speed is good. --

Best regards,