Microphone on Headset Won't Work

  • 1 March 2021
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I know there are a ton of questions already about this issue but none of the solutions I’ve read have helped me. I have a Logitech G Pro X that I use for audio on my computer. It works perfectly fine on my personal computer, but when I log into Shadow, my microphone will not work in any application. The computer itself will not recognize that I have a microphone. I’ve installed Logitech G Hub on Shadow but even on that app the headset doesn’t appear. I’ve followed each step listed at How to Connect a Microphone to Shadow – Shadow - Support (EN) and watched youtube videos but none of the solutions have worked. If I want to join a group chat on discord or another software, I have to make sure I join through my personal desktop and then go into Shadow, otherwise it won’t work in the Shadow software. Does anyone else have any other possible solutions? It’s very annoying to have to go back and forth between my desktop and Shadow.

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Hi @dyzzzo 


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