microphone works some days but stops working others

  • 20 August 2020
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  • Application type (Windows)

  • Shadow Client Version (Official)

  • Local device CPU multi

  • Local device GPU multi

  • Datacenter location (check Texas

  • Connection speed: 30mbs down and 4 up

  • Description of issue



I use a usb Astro a40 headset and mixamp with shadow on 2 different windows pc’s and for over a year have never really had any issues. But as of a week ago its been hit or miss on if the mic of my headset will work on shadow (It always works on the native pc). I don’t use USB forwarding through IP (though when I did try it my mic works but audio becomes unusable and just get sever stuttering). I’ve changed every setting and have no idea whats causing it, then the next time I sign in without changing anything some times it just works… I’ve seen others ask similar questions on here but no answers/confirmed answers… I really hope I’m not doomed to just have to get another headset when this one is perfectly fine..


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4mbs upload speed is pretty low.  I’ve included a section of our help article here with our minimum requirements.

  1. Your upload speed should be 5Mb/s or higher. An upload speed of 5Mb/s is enough to use a basic mouse, keyboard, and controller. More bandwidth-heavy devices like webcams, microphones, external storage drives, racing wheels, and other gamepads can require up to 100Mb/s.


With that being said, it’s highly possible that your headset may not be able to work at certain times if the upload speed can’t support it.