Mouse Accuracy Issues?

  • 13 February 2023
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Is anyone else having mouse accuracy issues? The mouse pointer seems to be overcompensating the movement from my end to the machine on the other end. Just trying to smoothly move the mouse pointer from the top left corner to the bottom right corner of my monitor is difficult. Accuracy when playing FPS games suffers quite a bit from this. I’m constantly messing around with sensitivity.

I’m on a 1gb down and 40mb up wired internet connection. I’m also on a mac studio with an m1 ultra and 128gb ram. I’m on the power upgrade as well. I’m also on the east coast which is where the data center is. I also have a steele series gaming mouse and an oversized mouse pad. I feel like I have optimal settings. And yet with all that I am still unable to get smooth and accurate movement with my mouse. 

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My sincere apologies to hear that you are experiencing mouse issues.


Please try allowing Shadow to monitor inputs on your Mac. This setting can be added through your Mac's Security and Privacy page. As a reference, I have included the screenshot below:




Please also disable "Location Services", "Find my Mac", VPN, firewall, or any anti-virus on your local Mac when using Shadow as we've seen these to cause latency issues in the past.


You can also use our mouse modes (unlocked or locked) within Shadow by cycling through these mode via the shortcut Alt + Windows + M (Windows) / Command + Option + M (MacOS). 


If the same mouse issue occurs afterward, please reach out to our Support Team from your account page so they can look into this.