Mouse cursor gone !

  • 12 October 2021
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Hi !

I’m very happy with my shadow PC 🙌 I just have a little problem that bothers me! The mouse cursor suddenly disappeared ! This does not prevent me from being able to play with my games but it is a bit complicated to use Windows ! Any help will be welcome !

I already attempted to uninstall the mouse devices but the problem is still there. Windows 10 is installed with the latest updates.

Thank you in advance !



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2 replies

Okay more and more I'm getting discussed and fed up with Shadow. WTH are you all doing now I have a idle screen looping

( Updating your Shadow ) at a stand still nothing rebooting nor updating. Do not collect my payment for this October month this is ridiculous do not. I will go to the news to report this wanton us customers to pay $29 a month for What? Everyday on a weekly basis a customer and customers files a complaint for crappy services to paying customers that expect good professional service to us all on a daily basis. And stop blaming Covid-19 for your actions why customers not getting professional guaranteed services. That's what we're paying you for. Not for crap. I'm soon to cancel and file an report to BBB. I starting to have enough. Like it's been said "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH".

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I solved my problem by uncheck “hide pointer while typing” and check “Display pointer trails”. At this time, the cursor was back ! I restarted my shadow PC then uncheck “Display pointer tails” and check “Hide pointer while typing” and the mouse cursor is still shown !

Have a nice day