Mouse issues with Android

  • 1 December 2020
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Hi there everyone!

I am attempting to play games on an android tablet (nvidia shield) using a keyboard & mouse, connected through an OTG adapter.

Both keyboard and mouse work just fine when controlling the tablet and even the windows environment in shadow itself, but trying to play a game is like playing a piano with a jackhammer. 

The android cursor does not go away when the game is launched, and hovers above the cursor from the game itself. That would not be such of a big deal, but its really annoying.

However, trying to actually play is a nightmare - especially when attempting to play a 3d shooter. Sensitivity was an issue but that was easily solved by lowering it to the minimum, however, aiming is a problem as the aim will only move until the cursor touches the end of the screen meaning the game is practically unplayable.

Windows client has an option to "lock mouse” which i would expect could be a solution to this problem but the android one apparently doesnt. I know that the android client is primarily built for controllers, but certain games are simply not meant to be played by a controller…


any ideas?




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