Mouse Latency when Gaming

  • 14 June 2020
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So I’ve been using for about 2 or 3 days now and so far its been great.. until my mouse had insane latency in games.  When I load up the launcher and start a game its fine but during that same game it will randomly increase in latency which I am very sensitive to.  I can fix that latency by pressing windows key twice, restarting the stream, and unplugging and replugging in the mouse.  The games I notice this in and the only games I do play on shadow are GTAV and Warzone.  I do know it is not a problem with my connection as it is 110mb/s and I do not think it is my mouse as it is completely fine in every other scenario (even though it is a cheap offbrand wireless mouse...)

Please help me with this problem!


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Hello, need more details. Let’s start with the mouse, is it wired or wireless? Also, can you also post a screenshot of your stats when this issue occurs?  Fill this template would help others in getting you the best answer.

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Thanks for the response but I decided to get help from support.  Thanks anyways!