Mouse problems with Schadow Tech on Android systems

  • 20 March 2021
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I noticed that the mouse speed with the Android app (no matter which device) on the Schadow PC is very slow. But it doesn't seem to be the same for every mouse.

I have 4 different mouses here:
Razer Abyssus V2
Mad Catz R.A.T 7
a cheap Speedlink mouse with USB dongle, and an unbranded Bluetooth mouse.

I noticed that the mouse speed on the Razer and the Mad Catz is very slow, but the problem did not occur with the two cheap mouses.

I thought the solution was a wireless mouse, so I ordered the Logitech G305 from Amazon.
With this mouse you can switch between performance mode, which lowers the report rate to one millisecond, and endurance mode, with a report rate of 8 milliseconds.

In performance mode I have the same problems as with the Razer and the Mad Catz. (very slow mouse cursor) But the problem does not occur in endurance mode.
Since I never found anything about this on Google, I wanted to share my experiences here.

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