Multi-Screen on Chromecast with Google TV

  • 6 February 2022
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I am trying to use the new MultiScreen feature to connect both my laptop and my google Chromecast with google tv to my shadow to use both as screens. I am having an issue where the Chromecast bumps my laptop off from the connection and become the primary device. When I then try to log on my laptop, I successfully connect, but my mouse and keyboard do not work because the laptop is the secondary device. 

Is there anyway to connect both my laptop and Chromecast to shadow and have my laptop as the primary device? 

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1 reply

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Hello @cbehn 
Currently Desktops exclusively are able to be the second screen. The feature has not yet been pushed for mobile devices like iOS, iPadOS, Android, ChromeOS etc. You will sadly have to wait until these devices receive an update that allows them to be a secondary screen. Shadow is already working on this.