Multiple Shadow Problems

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It’s very unfortunate for me to be coming here and saying this but ever since they allowed storage in Texas and their new update Shadow has really degraded their performances.

I have to wait over 24 hours for a response for my ticket and once I get a message back all they did is reboot my PC and it did nothing, it has been another 24 hours since I had a responce from them. Over 72 hours just trying to fix one problem

The lag is insane on this shadow application, 2FPS max
this isnt local at all, multiple people have complained about this on numerous platforms. I’m tired of waiting for a response for over 24 hours, Im tired of something I pay $600 a year for not working.. 

I can’t even access the Control panel anymore as it’s not working….. dissapointed in this software.

Please fix these problems

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