My overall shadow is blurry and fuzzy.

  • 6 June 2020
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My Shadow looks really weird especially in games it is blurry and fuzzy i have 50 download and 5 upload with ethernet. My PC is RX 580 I5 7400 16 GB RAM. I used 30. I use the NEW YORK data center i have the latest official version of the app. I got activated 2 days ago and i have been researching the whole time.


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6 replies

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Hello, thanks for reaching out to the community for help. In the future, could you direct any technical issues to Technical Assistance. You’ll possibly get a faster response and better explanation. When asking for help, could you please follow this template, it’ll help everyone in getting you the help you need. Help me please.

Alright, let’s start with your stats on your Shadow. Could you take a screenshot of your stats when the issue occurs? Also, let’s check out your display settings on your host machine. What is the resolution? Are you using an external display? 


Here they are not in full screen because of glitchy screenshot but when it is in full screen its literally the same thing here are stats and some blurry pictures



Its fine the Shadow group are working on it thanks!

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@Snok @SaNe I’ve moved it over to Technical Assistance.

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How are you connected to your router? Have you tried 5 mbps bandwidth setting?