New World - 5120x1440 resolution not available

  • 3 October 2021
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I have a super ultrawide 32:9 Samsung G9 monitor and I’m having issues in getting the 5120x1440 resolution working for the new MMO game from Amazon “New World”. I never had any issue having that resolution on other games (Valheim, Starbase, Avorion, etc) but with New World, I’m only seeing 2650x1440 max.

The monitor is plugged to my M1 Macbook Air with a display port to usb-c cable that support this resolution and I also had to add the 5120x1440 as a custom resolution in the Nvidia Control Panel to have it available in Shadow.

Any idea if this is possible by configuring something ? New World supports the resolution so I guess something can be done to make it work.

Thank you

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