Nintendo pro controller no longer works on Mac OS 13

  • 18 November 2022
  • 2 replies

I don’t know if this happened after an update or it mysteriously just happened.  Since going to Mac Os 13, my nintendo pro controller doesn’t work on my MBP 14 inch M1.  It seems to only partially work, one or two buttons work, but the rest are unresponsive.

It works with the shadow PC app on my ipad pro.

I tried uninstalling the USB forwarding drivers from shadow and reinstalling, that did not help.

Also unpaired and repairs the controller.

I want to log a tech call, but the shadow app directs me to an old shadow portal that doesn’t work and I don’t know the URL for exactly where to get help.

2 replies

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Hi @DarkTreader 

Please use your account page to connect to support. -Gelgoog

I’ve been trying too, and I have a case in support that my login to the support page doesn’t work!  I can connect to my shadow but when I connect to the support page it says my login is invalid.