No Audio / Mouse Pointer Disappearing / Start streaming success rate 10% / Discord verification not working

  • 14 January 2023
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Hello everyone,


First of all, thank you for your time and consideration.

  • I’m using a Mac with Ventura 13.0.1.
  • I’ve already spent 6 hours to make this work properly but just didn’t manager to do it
  • I have the shadow power upgrade package
  • Auto detect gives me 50 Mbps as recommended (did a test through shadow website connection looks great)
  • I tried everything I’m going to write below on Shadow App at first, then Shadow Beta
  • NVIDIA drivers are up to date, Windows 10 is up to date
  • My mouse is a Logitech G502 with USB


  • Start streaming works 10% of the times, keep getting R108 L104 errors, looked on the forum here, did everything written
  • Once I manage to log onto the streaming, 50% of the times there is no pointer and I need to restart it


  • The pointer is never shown on full screen mode (if I activate some options on windows with the pointer (for example the one that when you move the pointed to see a trace of the pointer, then suddenly it works)
  • To show the pointed on windowed screen, I need to point (guessing) the mouse bottom left where there is the start menu, then it start being shown
  • Tried lock/unlock mouse doesn’t change anything
  • Tried Install drivers USB with and without doesn’t change anything


  • The audio worked 1 time out of 78 times I tried to login, of which 68 times unsuccessfully
  • Tried to switch from regular to high back and worth, worked only 1 time as mentioned
  • Checked windows bottom right when I play a youtube video I see the bars in the mixer going up and down


  • Discord for Swiss numbers doesn’t work.
  • +41 - 761234567, 76 123 45 67, 0761234567, 076 123 45 67 never works
  • Therefore impossible to ask anything to the community

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you!



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3 replies


  • tried all the above on Ventura 13.1 all the same issues are present
  • tried without external monitor all the same issues are present
  • tried without mouse plugged in (using trackpad) all the same issues are present


This is the only achievement I’ve been able to get this weekend with my Shadow PC :D

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Sorry to hear about the issues you are facing. I’d like to invite you to submit a ticket from your account page so our Support Team can work with you on resolving these issues.


Here are some brief tips I can recommend in the meantime.

  1. Here’s a list of our error codes and some solutions you can take when you encounter them: 

    In general, you can always try shutting down your Shadow from the client. You can access that option by going to the help "?" icon, which you will then see an option to shut down Shadow. This should turn your Shadow off completely, after doing so, please wait about 10 minutes before starting your Shadow again.
  2. For the mouse issue, please try changing the Streaming Preferences options from "prefer speed" to "prefer reliability" or vice versa.
  3. For starters, let's try restarting your stream when this happens. You can do so by accessing the quick menu and there should be an option at the top or you can use the hotkey WIN + ALT + R (Windows), CMD + Options + R (Mac), or in your settings for mobile.


    If the sound still cuts out after that, please try changing the Streaming Preferences options from "prefer speed" to "prefer reliability" or vice versa. You can also try toggling "High Quality Audio" on or off.


    If that doesn't work, please try reinstalling the latest GPU drivers on Shadow as that has audio components as part of the update. You can use Nvidia's GeForce Experience to update your drivers on Shadow:

  4. We require a phone verification on Discord to help prevent bots. Can you try verifying your phone number using the Discord app on your phone or not on Shadow? Please keep in mind that Discord has their own requirements of what phone numbers can be used. Such as a virtual phone number can’t be used to verify. I highly recommend reaching out to Discord Support for further assistance on why their verification system isn’t taking your phone number: