No audio on Mac OS

  • 18 March 2022
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Hi everyone, first timer here so I apologize for any misunderstandings.


I recently wanted to try this to game and so far, I'm quite impressed. I’ve managed to search for most of my initial issues and find solutions, but this is the only one where I'm at a loss.


I have zero sound coming from my Shadow Boost app. I run Mac OS 11.6.5 and everything seems to be running well otherwise. I checked the thread that had this yet the only thing I cannot seem to do is use the Blade output device for sound? It doesn't come up as an option in my sound settings nor does it when I use Windows via the app.


I have sound when I am on my Mac homescreen, music player, safari yet when I move to the app, it disappears. Sound even says it’s playing when I go to Youtube on the Shadow app via Microsoft Edge but nothing can be heard. I gave accessibility to Shadow in my security and privacy settings, microphone and input monitoring. I gave Shadow access to my microphone on the app start up because it wasn't selected at first and still nothing.


I’m not sure what to do next?


Thanks in advance :)


Ok, damn, this is why I apologize before hand. Figured out that if I use the higher quality sound option in the app start up settings it works. It warned me of slower speeds due to bandwidth connection so I avoided it. Works now. Sorry.

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