Offline Error on Steam Deck

  • 19 April 2022
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I just got my Valve Steam Deck and thought that it should be able to run Shadow.

So i downloaded the Linux Client.


But unfortunately i always get the error “It looks like you are offline” even though i am clearly Online. It seems the error always happens after a specific time when it tries to test the internet connection.


Tested with the Beta and Regular Client, Tested with WLAN and LAN (with Cable using a USB-Lan adapter)


Starting using the Command-Line shows an error in Line 1 “hostname command not found”.


wasn’t successful in installing netutils yet on the Steam Deck, but since it shows the network test running with download / upload speed and ping, it should be not a problem. Its just always switching to the Offline screen which is unskippable. Even the whole network test is not possible to skip.



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2 replies

I’ve been having a similar issue, but on Ubuntu 21.10.

Closing and opening the Shadow or Shadow Beta app a few times seems to work around that specific issue for me.

Unfortunately, once I get past the offline screen, I always get Error code: R-0x7F so 🤷🏾



After a couple tries, i was able to get it working by waiting till the offline error, disable WLAN and reenable it so it restarts the internet test which then went through without error.


Unfortunately then i could not connect streaming to the shadow pc. But it didn’t work on the steam deck nor on my regular PC.


So i reset the shadow pc completely. And now it is working. Not sure what all these issues where, but its working now.


A bit bad is that the onscreen keyboard of the steam deck does not have all the required keys to access the shadow overlay settings etc. So i fear if i go fullscreen, i will never be able to leave it again. 😬