Only first USB peripheral forward

I’m having an issue forwarding two USB peripherals on Mac to my Shadow. I’m able to see both devices in the forwarded peripherals list on my Shadow, but only the _first_ one I click to forward actually sends signals to my PC. That is, I’m able to click both “forward” check boxes, but I only get signals for the first one I click. I’ve reproduced this on the prod application, Beta, and Alpha, and can get each peripheral to work correctly independently, but not both. Any ideas?


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I have the exact same issue! I would love a answer as right now, I can only use either my yoke or rudder, not both!

Glad to hear I’m not the only one! I’ve reached out to support a few times, and haven’t received any helpful feedback, unfortunately. 

They said they are working on a peripherals update: “We are currently testing this out with our Insiders and it will be released on Alpha soon. We will be able to improve compatibility with peripherals in the coming years. We'll be rolling back how the USB controllers are detected on Shadow. USB controllers will now be counted as direct inputs on the Shadow Ghost/Box and desktop, so the idle timer can work properly.”

@turtletentwo Well Im not buying it, I should not be paying 30 bucks a month and not be able to use USB Devices Properly, did they give you any other help? Also I am on a Mac, Does windows also have this issue? The only reason I use shadow is to play MSFS, If I had a Option, I would cancel my subscription right now.

I’m with you on that--I’ve been emailing the support team for months at this point and just keep hearing that they’re aware of the issue but can’t promise anything concrete. At this point, I’m planning on just canceling on my next billing cycle since it hasn’t been resolved, since I also only use my Shadow for flight sim. Maybe more people emailing support would help, but I’m otherwise at a loss... 

I’m having the same issues, I can only forward either my rudder pedals or yoke at a time meaning I can’t play MSFS

@Xam123 Well that makes 3 of use! Can a Shadow Employee Please Help! I am canceling my subscription next month if I cant figure this out! 


If it Helps, I am using the Following:

2018 Macbook Air

Honeycomb Alpha Yoke

CH Products Rudder Pedels

Saitek Throttle Quadrent 

I’m in the process of talking to the support team If I get an answer I’ll post it.

Nice. Hope something comes of that!

I THINK I FOUND FIX!  I installed the alpha version of shadow and It seemed to fix my problems

Alpha Version: 

That seems to work for me too--thanks @Xam123!

Thanks you! I sadly already bought parts to build a Flight Sim PC, So I Will be continuing with that plan, but thank you for finding a solution.


If you are interested my PC Part Picker is here: