Optimal bandwidth brackets on Shadow for different users. Please provide a speed test result.

Mbps download: 428.4

Mbps upload: 18.3

I can run shadow on the 70 Mbit/s smoothly, but my gf on the other hand has

 Mbps download: 65-70 

And she needs to run shadow on 5 Mbit/s with low bandwidth mode enabled.

I want to see if any users have anything in between these, so i can see if and how i should go about upgrading her set up with minimal cost. Thank you.

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There is many different internet routes between your home  router and the shadow datacenter and any ISP's network that connection passes over can affect your individual connection. The optimal connection for each user is dependant on many different factors including location, ISP peering, wired vs wireless, the hardware they are using to decode, your internet speed, etc. 

To go based off other’s setups without doing an in depth analysis of her particular situation is not going to result in any usable info.

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How are they connected to the router? It should be ethernet for best performance.