Overnight FPS has dropped to 7fps doing simplest of tasks.

  • 9 October 2022
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Last night, playing Civ VI was fine. This morning I noticed the game crashed three times. When I got into eh Quick Menu, I notice that the client is running at 7-9fps just on the game menu. Trying to quit the game causes it to freeze for about 10 seconds, then go into a not responding state. 

I saw briefly that the CPU was stuck at 100%

Recently I see that the GFX car has changed from a 1080, to a Quadro. Which I thought was generally for design, rather than gaming.

The feeling that Shadow’s machines are lagging behind in what is considered a gaming machine. The only thing that makes these mahcines technically “Gaming” is the gfx card. Now it seems I’m (trying to) play games on a CAD PC.

EDIT: fps in windows is 3fps.


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I guess someone was sat on something. I just suddenly shot up: