Photoshop Creative Cloud - Linux - Shuts down whole PC Black Screen

  • 27 September 2020
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I use creative cloud Photoshop on my Shadow.

Host PC is Ubuntu 20.04, so I have to use the god-aweful linux appimage.

90% of the time I need 20 tries to even connect to my Shadow Desktop, but thats a story for another day.


The infuriating bug is, that when Photoshop is open, and I drag the cursor over the canvas - MY whole PC shuts down.

Like not shadow client is breaking down, my whole pc is going black, doesnt recognize input and only a hard shutdown (longpress Power) recovers me.


The Shadow instance is not broken. I can access the same instance again via Windows and Android.

So the Linux AppImage is fundamentally broken.


I assume its some strange pixel values that the client misinterprets. Maybe similiar to the pixel bug that bricked Samsung Androids, when you put it up as a wallpaper device. Thats the only technical idea I have, why a visual thing can make MY pc shutdown.


Any ideas where I could sent some example data? I mean I can reliably reproduce the bug. Problem is only, any screenrecording also gets fucked up when I try, since my whole pc freezes and I have to do a hard shutdown. So no picture or video file is saved. I could provide a manual video cam recording of the screen, but that misses the pixels or direct activity of the screen. It would only provide proof that this bug exists.


I still think its some bug with how shadow compresses colors pixel values. Probably shifts them in a way that makes the bit of the pixel overflow, or something. All reds and greens have massive color aberations because of the changed colorspace from the shadow stream compression.

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