Please Help me with my Mouse sensitivity

  • 7 August 2021
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my problem is that my Mouse is totaly oversensitive in FPS Games.

Everthing is ok when iam in Windows or in the game menu.


But as soon iam in FPS Mode i have just to look at mouse to turn like crazy.

I read several posts here and they all suggest to lock the Mouse in Frame with win+alt+m.

It helps a little bit but the Mouse is still ridicules fast.

If i turned down the sensitivity ingame to 0 or and smothing to max i can kinda navigate myself around but i got no chance to aim at something.

I tried to change the Mouse speed in Windows to almost 0 but it doesnt help in the game at all, just in the game menu i can barelly move my mouse.


I also tried Fullscreen mode and windowed no diffrence at all.


Is there a way to tune the mouse sensitivity in shadow or should i buy a new mouse ?

Btw on my Desktop PC the Mouse works just fine in menu or ingame.


Thx in advance 

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