Possible FIX for forwarding USB peripherals!

  • 9 January 2022
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I have been having an issue with my USB devices no longer wanting to be forwarded. I would click the box to forward it, and it would try to connect but never would no matter how many times i would try. The only solution I researched that would work is resetting your windows. I just recently discovered something that may fix the issue making it able to reconnect. I downloaded an application called, Process Hacker 2, once downloaded I opened it up and went to the “Services” tab, scrolled down to UsbService Eltima USB Network Gate and restarted and force started the process. Without restarting my pc I was able to forward my usb devices to my Shadow. 

Sorry if this a mess or if I didn't follow some sort of rule, I have never posted in any sort of forum, but I was never able to find a quick fix for this issue. Hopefully someone can follow along with what I did and be able to explain it more proper than I did. Again, I apologize in advance if something is correct, but hopefully someone can read this and pass the knowledge!

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1 reply

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I read your story and wanted to try this. When i opened process hacker 2 (i had to use administrator rights) and found the UsbService Eltima USB Network Gate, I restart it. But now it dissapeared. 

So I’m a bit clueless what to do...