Problem with DVD USB forwarding

  • 8 September 2022
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I cannot get my USB DVD drive to work. When I click on connect it shows a spinner for a short while then removes the checkbox.


I’m running the client on MacOS 12.5.1.


There is a thread closed for comments about pretty much the same issue:



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3 replies

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At the moment, we can’t guarantee that all USB Peripherals are compatible, as it depends on your network connection. You need less than 30ms of latency so that USB peripherals have a chance of working properly with Shadow. If you have more than 30-35ms of latency, you might experience lag in your inputs.


Running a DVD drive on Shadow is most likely impossible as it you will also need access to USB 3.0 ports and high upload speeds to maintain a stable connection between Shadow, your PC, and the peripheral in order to transfer the inputs (read/write speed). 


For your reference, we are working on an in-house USB management solution that will allow us to better fix USB issues and support more USB devices:

Thanks. Not too great for my issue, but there is some hope.

It looks like a temporary work around for this has been found