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  • 5 August 2021
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Hello there,

I am playing Red Dead Online, sometimes Minecraft and lately WoW: Shadowlands. Especially in Red Dead Online, but even other graphic-games, it happens that my framerate drops stays around 30 fps, even at low to mid settings. If my shadow has a GTX 1080 or similar, this should not happen. It should be able to play with 40+ fps with ultra settings easily.

My connection is 500 Mbit/s and steady. First problem is I never reach the 70 Mbit/s on shadow. I tried using high efficiency coding and different settings with shadow. Please do not tell me to check my internet speed. I already did several times and it hit mostly above 500 Mbit/s and sufficient upload rates.

The price has doubled a month ago and there is no upgrade in graphics or steadiness. 360€ a year instead of 180€ a year. Shadow advertises with continuously upgrades. I could not see any for a year.

Another thing that bothers me is an unknown problem. I sometimes have to restart my shadow pc about 3 times to get my gameplay (and also youtube videos for example) to be graphically fluent. I receive like 3-5 fps and solve the problem by restarting and trying several times. What is the deal with that?


» When will there be an upgrade?

» Why is it not possible to play on ultra graphics? (my main reason for shadow)


I am thankful for any answers or similar experiences.




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Hey @mbo590 
Shadows main-problem at the moment is the non-sufficient CPU which at the same time bottlenecks (limits) the GPU power. That basically means that the CPU is so slow, that having a good GPU doesn’t make any difference. It is not as bad as it may sound like, but it is far away from being optimal. An announcement regarding hardware upgrades will follow later this year, with more detail.