Quest 2 not working properly - Not on the same network & IPV4 issues

  • 23 December 2020
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Hi there,

Ok so, i have been using Shadow for pc gaming without any troubles, i treated myself to a Quest 2 recently and i am really struggling to get it to work with Shadow.

I sideloaded virtual desktop, installed the streamer (both on Shadow and on my base laptop).

Works a treat on my base laptop. (both Oculus and Steam VR)

On Shadow it behaves oddly and well.. doesn't work.

It tells me that it's not on the same network, but i connect quickly and it launches onto my Shadow desktop anyway... however then if i try to launch a game... the screen goes dark and i am thrown back to Virtual Desktop, which is now connecting to my shadow again (so looks to me that it got disconnected somehow)

And when it does, i can see that the game has launched, but i am looking at it on desktop mode and i can't join Steam VR (if i click, the screen goes dark, i can hear i am still in the game, but i can't see anything).

After reading on reddit about IPV4/IPV6, i contacted my ISP (Hyperoptic, i am London based) and they changed my connection to IPV4. (via updating the router). I logged into my router and i can see that IPV6 is disabled.

However, it's made things worse for Quest on Shadow... when i launch VD, it still tells me we are on a different network but now it takes an age to check the bandwidth (it was near instant before) and when it finally connects, it doesnt launch onto my desktop.. it just stays there and nothing happens. No game is listed and if i click on the Steam VR button it just hangs and i have to quit via the Quest menu.

(on top of that i have noticed the quality of my connection to Shadow has dropped significantly as now i have ~2% packet loss when i didn't have any before and my latency has increased by 10ms)...

So not quite sure what to do... Any idea what is going wrong/what i could do ?

(final thing, before this afternoon and my switch to IPV4, i had managed to make it work a few weeks ago after literally dozens and dozens of attempts in a row... no idea what happened and haven't been able to redo it since)...



  • Application type (Windows/Mac/Mobile/etc.) : Windows

  • Shadow Client Version (Official/Beta/Alpha) : Official

  • Local device CPU : i7-8750 2,20ghz

  • Local device GPU : GTX 1050 ti

  • Datacenter location: Paris

  • Connection speed 150 mb

  • Description of issue: See above


  • Date when problem appeared. since October

  • Did you take any action(s) which could have created this problem? If so, what? Not that i am aware of

  • Do you recall any action(s) you took after it happened? (see above)

  • Do you use a VPN and/or antivirus? No VPN, i have Bitdefender on my laptop + Shadow


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You may receive a faster and more accurate answer if you also ask for help on virtual desktop’s forum/discord.

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Hello Oliooop,

I also use Oculus Quest 2 with my Shadow PC for VR gaming.

I also receive the notification below. I think that is to be expected. 

It tells me that it's not on the same network, but i connect quickly and it launches onto my Shadow desktop anyway…


This may or may not help but I found that if I sit in the same room as my 5Ghz wireless router the VR experience works for me. 


I have also found that some games I try to play on SteamVR do not work with my Oculus Quest 2. Can you try a game called “RecRoom”. I know that one works and the download is small. I would start with a simple game and work your way up. 




Thanks guys, i went back to my ISP to reverse all the changes and go back to dual stacked IPV4/IPV6.

Which sorted out the connecting to the quest. I still have the “not on the same network” message but it’s now much faster and smoother.

Reading around on various forum i also found that deleting my name off Virtual Desktop and retyping it every time i launched it actually worked… so been able to enjoy Alyx thanks to Shadow !