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  • 25 February 2021
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Hello there,


So I just started to use shadow lately and tried it put on different Devices. Now, suddenly when using my Samsung s10 there's no quick launch icon... means I can't use a keyboard nor toggle the virtual controller.

Anyone has an idea what's going on there?


Thanks heaps,



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So, I just read it again...and just to be clear, I'm talking about the quick menu  that is supposed to be in the top center of the screen.

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On mobile you have to tap the screen once, then you should see a shadow icon in the top middle of your screen. You can enter the settings, virtual keyboard and more from there. The standard windows shortcut’s don’t work on there. There is no quick menu. Check the settings for all the options you need.


Hi phobos and thanks for the quick reply.

I guess I wasn't very clear in explaining what my problem is. The shadow icon you're talking about is the quick menu which is exactly what I'm talking about. I know that it should appear once I touch the screen but it doesn't. I know that in the pc shadow settings you can turn the visibility of the shadow icon on and off.

It's turned on. Also the settings in the launcher on mobile are not really that helpful since all you can do there is turn the virtual controller on and off next to some other things.


Long story short. The shadow icon on my mobile isn't there anymore and I don't know how to turn it back on.


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@JohnnyGingerbeardmanThe Quick Menu functionality (at least compared to the other clients) doesn’t exist on the Android client, unfortunately. It’s the #1 thing I wish they’d bring to Android in terms of feature parity.

To clarify, tapping the screen should show the Shadow icon at the top of the screen, and tapping it should bring up icons at the bottom for the limited settings you’re taking about. Are you saying that the Shadow icon isn’t appearing at all?



Yes, that is exactly what I'm talking about. The shadow icon does not appear anymore.

It was there and I used it a couple of days( I'm really new to this and haven't spent much time with it yet)

Now, whenever I open the app om my mobile phone, the shadow icon does not appear in the top middle of the screen. No matter how many times I tap the screen.

It's frankly, quite frustrating.😐

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This seems like something to report in the Bug Report forum, then.