R-0xE06D7363 Windows 10 is at it again

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If you have this issue it is due to a Windows 10 issue. Here is how you fix it. 

  1. Uninstall Shadow
  2. Download and install CCleaner (Free version: https://www.ccleaner.com/)
  3. Run CCleaner and run an "Easy Scan" and cleanup
  4. Go to the your %appdata% folder (Windows search '%appdata') and delete all 'Shadow'-related folders
  5. Delete the folder C://Users/username/.shadow
  6. Restart your computer
  7. Download and install Shadow again at https://account.shadow.tech/apps

    If this still fails follow these steps:
  8. Shut down your Computer
  9. Unplug power to your router
  10. Unplug power to your cable/DSL modem and wait 15 seconds
  11. Restart your modem and wait for all lights to return
  12. Restart your router and wait for all lights to return
  13. Start your computer again and connect to your Shadow to see if the issue persists. 

If this still fails

  1. go to your Shadow launcher settings, click send logs and send them to shadow support. 

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