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Same for me.. C drive is fast… D drive crawls… but only on steam… Epic games and Microsoft Game Pass games install just fine on D.

I had to do the change the disk for the Microsoft game pass workaround, but when I did that, steam was still working fine on the D drive… it seems like this only really happened when they moved everything.


Now I have noticed that the HD usage is pegged for the D drive although it’s not by steam, it’s something that one of the shadow processes is doing that is making the system react weird… so the D drive is pegged at 100%. Of course you can’t kill the shadow process b/c it will kill the connection.


So it does seem like something that is a programming issue… it doesn’t make sense that things work just fine for epic, and game pass installing on D drive but steam doesn’t work well at all.

This has been a problem for months. Why is the data issue not resolved? Why am I paying more money for this? I can’t download stuff to the extra storage space that I can’t even remove from my subscription.

Since months they tell us that there is an ongoing migration and things will be fixed soon. Slowly I get the feeling that they just dont have the resources to keep up the product (hardware and personal). I lost all the trust in that company and only use it because there is no real alternative. Hopefully someone comes up and shows shadow how to do it properly.

I have been having the same problem for months, and typically with the D: drive. I got a sincere response from Shadow, which was timely and somewhat helpful. They recommended that I use the C: drive, which worked for about a week. I had an update come up for the same game I have been having trouble with (SCUM, through Steam), and now I am getting the same issues with my C: drive. 

This is frustrating because as of right now, this is the primary reason that I have this service. However, they have been fairly quick to respond to me (<8 hours), and I am hoping that this issue is escalated. I will try and update here if they resolve the C: drive issue. Is this only happening to people paying for additional storage?


anyone has an answer on this? i dont have additional storage and my download is max 150kb in steam.. when i run any speedtest, it max out at 300mb.. thats an significant change. 

when i need an game updated (post scriptum) it takes over 2 hours for 1.5 gb 

This is still an issue many months later.  I was trying to download the Icarus Beta for about 3 hours and it was crap.


Finally found a post talking about using the C:\ drive instead, and the same game downloaded completely in maybe 10 minutes.  Other services such as MS, and Bethesda don’t seem to have this issue.