Red square and decreased resolution and poor performance fix

  • 4 July 2022
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Hello to all who pay and use Shadow Cloud Gaming. I have recently experienced the Red square effect on shadow that provide low frames, poor resolution, and bad overall performance but I have found a slight way of fixing this issue and to keep all of us continuing to play out shadows. Let’s go over it.

if in the blue you have shut down your shadow and turned it on the next day and see a red square with low resolution and bad performance, this could be an issue with shadows updates or a interference with apps such as GeForce Experience or GeForce RTX Exerpience. See if your graphics drivers are up to date and installed and restart and see if that fixes your problems. But if it doesn’t then it’s the actual digital monitor that shadow is using that may need a update, if that doesn’t work this is how I personally fixed my issue with those “Red Square” effect, see if that graphics device is “Disabled” as it was for me and it fixed the issue completely and I was back to enjoying my shadow experience. This issue is a problem with the updates and the overall driver faults but that fixed the issue completely and I have had no issues so far so give it a try once you have this issue. Hope for the the best of gaming

-Michael Z - Mephisto

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