Reducing Latency Cable DSL Very Fast but Latency is 45 ms Wifi Amplifier or ?

  • 17 March 2022
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The speed is high but latency averages around 45 ms with couple of seconds extra. Before going to spend more money on crap wifi amplifier looking for recommendation.

Would like to connect direct, but router in wife office, and don’t care to be in there trying to use.

Ordered a scanner for 3d and was going to use with Shadow and usb forwarding, but latency

maybe too high.

No hurry.  Scanner was Kickstarter project, will be month before it comes. I love Shadow so far.

Just not wanting to buy laptop to run scanner. Already too much money spent for hobby use.


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Latency is a measure of distance, not speed...measured in milliseconds (thousandths of a second). Using Ethernet instead of WiFi can help that, vs. moving things around to different rooms (which will be insignificant).

The latency challenges with USB forwarding are more related to input devices vs. scanners/printers, but you may have an IP connectivity option for the latter vs. USB.