Resetting Shadow, factory reset

  • 6 September 2021
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Hey there, I was wondering what the delay would be if I chose to factory reset my Shadow.  I’m concerned that with the technical problems that they've been having that it’s going to take a long time to be able to use it again, or that it won’t come back on again.


What's your experience been, anyone who has chosen to factory reset?

Also, is it even possible to just use windows 10 fresh start instead of factory reset? 


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Hey @ChefInferno 

Usually it takes around 40min to reset a shadow via your account page. Due to recent increased traffic there were some reports that it took a bit longer. You can expect something around double the time it usually takes, so about 1h 30min. 

You can only reset shadow via the option on the account page. My personal recommendation is that you choose to set up your machine on your own and don't select the game ready option as that image is old and can lead to issues with Microsoft games for example. If you reset shadow without the option on your account page but thru your windows settings or something similar the required shadow components will be gone and there is no way for you to connect to your shadow.

@ChefInferno I am curious if this helped you at all, I am considering doing the same.