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  • 19 January 2021
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With dex on a new android phone. The screen blurrs when I turn my character in a game. Otherwise peripherals are working fine.  Any suggestions? The guy at best buy suggested a dex branded Hdmi to usbc. Currently I am using a 100 dollar hub.


Internet connection is strong. There is definitely some problem with video encoding or something...


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5 replies


I dont know overall its been a pretty bad experience on Dex. not to complain a bunch but I cant see how people say its even possible. granted I am on a TV. there is artifacting around the mouse at all times. there is slightly more lag it seems. There is lag switching screens and blurr when moving in some games that is not present when using on my laptop.


It would be nice to have one device to rule them all! but this is not working out so great :(

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Yeah, Shadow sucks on Android in general.

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I have DEX note 8 dock with ethernet and shadow works very well on it. Not every USB c dock that is advertised works as well as the original dock. -Gelgoog


maybe ill just buy one and report back whether it works or not

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I have the dock from samsung and I don't see this artifacting personally. Mouse support can be hit and miss in my experience. If you are using dex on pc this isn't recommended.