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All the time when i use shadow my shadow (computer side) freezes and requires me to restart the stream. please help because it gets really annoying!


Best answer by HesiNova 8 June 2020, 11:23

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I should mention that they haven’t got a windows WARP app yet, but they have a sign-up for notification of a beta.

I’m sad to report that checking the “Low Bandwidth Mode” box didn't fix my videostream freezes after all...:(

Just now I wanted to put an hour or two in a game but it froze after about 5 minutes again.

I’ve made a support ticket as I don’t know what I can do on my end anymore.

Did anyone else perhaps found a solution for this freezing issue? If so, please share it here :)

After selecting the option "reliability" instead of "speed" I was able to put in about 90 minutes of gaming without any screen freezes.

There were a couple of what I would call "near freezes" - very short stuttering - but it didn't freeze. I could continue gaming.

When I checked the connection stats in the shadow control panel I could clearly see a lagspike on an otherwise stable connection.

I'm almost afraid to say it but I might have found a solution to my screen freezes :-)

Same issue. Tested Shadow on my friends Boost/account on this same exact system, never saw an issue. Ordered my own Boost, got it, and this exact issue has been non-stop since. Video locks up but audio and input works after a burst of ping spike/packet loss. Been through multiple forums and fixes, found nothing that works yet. Glad to hear I’m not alone.

Picked up a really long ethernet cable, works great on that with no spikes/packet loss.

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By chance are you using Comcast xFi new 600 mbps router. It boots my internet all the time which freeze my shadow and forces me to use refresh option. 

Does this happen all the time or some of the time? Also what is the result of our speed test? 

Yep! Same wifi and same issue haha

I have exactly the same problem. Especially when I play games (COD warzone) for example, my image freezes and he says: waiting for video. it takes about 1 minute to get the video back. It's unbelievably annoying. and this would be a good reason for me to stop with Shadow. There is nothing wrong with my internet