Screen resolution not saving

  • 1 July 2020
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Shadow does not automatically detect nor save screen resolution settings. The article “Using Automatic Resolution and Frame Rate Settings in Shadow”, is invalid as “Safe Display Mode” (which must be manually enabled every time), automatic resolution settings both do not work

, and there are no manual resolution/framerate settings in the launcher.


I’ve tried the released and beta launchers.


NVIDIA control panel is able to detect my native resolution.




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5 replies

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I had the same issue. I went into Nvidia control panel and made a custom res and set it. Once I did that, the auto res feature started working right. 

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Tried all of this too?


@Gaijin As shown in the screenshot, there is no option to change resolutions within the launcher (Beta or Official). I’m only able to change it with the NVIDIA options


@Lily Yes

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Have you also installed the latest video card drivers on Shadow? 

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Can you click the 1920x1080 and select a different resolution within your launcher?


i dont have access to my mac right now but i recall to be able to set resolution in the launcher and i never had the fit option enabled. 

(possibly, ive set it on the shadow and only had the fit option disabled)