server down ??

  • 25 January 2022
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hi and sorry for my bad english :grin:

My question is simple, am I the only one who can't connect to shadow today? official version or beta it's the same, the beta asks me to transfer to beta version and runs in a loop. the official asks me to go official and turns on a loop --' other people in this case? someone found a solution? uninstallation etc already try

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Hi @dubbyinc40. I suggest looking through our help center as a starting point for any start issues you may be facing:


Here is a best practice that I can offer to help alleviate your frustrations with Shadow the next time it won't load properly.


If you experience this again in the future, go ahead and shut down your Shadow from the client. You can access that option by going to the help "?" icon, which you will then see an option to shut down Shadow. This should turn your Shadow off completely, after doing so, please wait about 10 minutes before starting your Shadow again.


If you’re still facing issues, we would love to assist you out properly. Please go ahead and reach out to our wonderful Support Team from your accounts page ( so that they can help look into this further.