Severe Connection Loss Spikes

  • 13 January 2023
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It seems to be random. Some nights I have a flawless experience. Others I get periodic sharp connection loss spikes.


everytime I switch over to my actual PC and test the connection everything is fine (usually… sometimes it shows for itself but many times not)


I’ll run several tests. Speed tests, packet loss tests. Everything is fine. It just occurs on the shadow. I’ll ping someone 400 times on my regular PC and I won’t have a single packet missed. And then I’ll switch over to my shadow and it’s back to huge lag periodically every 3 minutes or so.


is there a setting I can switch to to prevent this?


also can someone explain to me the bandwidth thing to me? I’ve read a lot about it but my question is never answered after reading it. Essentially what I’m wondering is, can I lower my bandwidth to sacrifice quality for less lag? My bandwidth autos to 70. If I dropped it down to 15 or something would it help lag?



honestly besides what I’ve mentioned I have a good experience. My latency is a lot better then it used to be (I consider anything near 30 to be near perfect for gaming. Obviously lower the better but I can actually play FPS at a competitive level around 30 latency, which says a lot) 


I just want to fix these damn spikes. It can really put the end to a gaming session. I wish I could say “comcast is throttling me!” But I don’t think they are…. Because no one else complains about our internet nor do I experience anything bad on my regular pc. Is it that the shadow connection is just super touchy and I feel things I wouldnt normally feel on my pc?

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For starters, let's try restarting your stream when this happens. You can do so by accessing the quick menu and there should be an option at the top or you can use the hotkey WIN + ALT + R (Windows), CMD + Options + R (Mac), or in your settings for mobile.


If this still occur after that, please try changing the Streaming Preferences options from "prefer speed" to "prefer reliability" or vice versa. 


You can also contact our Support Team from your account page so they can look into this further.


In regards to the bandwidth, bandwidth is a measure of the amount of data that can be transmitted over a network in a given amount of time. In the context of streaming services like Shadow PC, bandwidth refers to the amount of data that can be transmitted over the internet to your device in order to display the image and sound of the game you're playing.


When you lower your bandwidth, you're essentially telling the streaming service to send less data to your device. This can help to reduce lag, but it also means that the image and sound quality of the game will be lower. The lower the bandwidth, the lower the resolution and quality of the video, and the more compressed the audio becomes.


You can adjust the bandwidth to your liking. Lowering the bandwidth to 15 or something would help to reduce lag, but it can also lower the image and sound quality of the Shadow stream.


It's important to note that a good internet connection is necessary for a good Shadow experience. In general, the higher your internet speed, the more bandwidth you have available to you, and the better the experience will be. If you are experiencing lag, it may be worth checking your internet connection and making sure that you have enough bandwidth available to support the service.