Shadow App freezes permanently if internet connection lost

  • 16 November 2020
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Application type: Windows

Shadow Client Version: Affects Official and Beta

Local device CPU: Intel Pentium

Local device GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 610 (Integrated)

Datacenter location: California

Connection speed: 40Mbps, 40ms ping

Date when problem appeared: Nov 10 (Same day dynamic bitrate appeared)

Description of Issue:

This is almost more of a bug report? I’ve managed to narrow down what triggers the issue.

When the internet connection is lost, Shadow freezes. This happens on both the Beta launcher and the Stable launcher. The menu can still be opened, but most of the buttons aren’t functional. The issue persists even after the internet connection returns i.e. Shadow remains frozen. If the stream is exited, the launcher will not automatically open (as it should) nor can the launcher be opened via a desktop icon, start menu, etc.

The only way I’ve found to resolve this issue is to either restart my computer or open the task manager and kill shadow.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Plug in an ethernet cable
  2. Start Shadow and start streaming
  3. Once the stream has started, unplug the ethernet cable
  4. Shadow has now frozen. You can plug the ethernet cable back in if you’d like, but it won’t affect anything.
  5. Exit shadow by pressing Win + Alt + Q
  6. Attempt to reopen the Shadow Launcher

Additional Notes

I’m not sure if this affects others as well, since I only have my one computer.

The issue also happens if I disable WiFi rather than unplugging an ethernet cord. If I have an ethernet cord plugged in and WiFi enabled, WiFi automatically disables until the ethernet cable is unplugged.

I’m not sure if the issue affects the Alpha build; I don’t have it.

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4 replies

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I attempted to reproduce this scenario using a Windows computer and the beta client (Launcher 4.19.3, Client 3.6.4), and it would always handle it gracefully. I tried three different ways of disrupting the Internet - disabling the adapter, unplugging the Ethernet cable and plugging it back in shortly after, and unplugging the Ethernet cable and waiting for timeout. In all three scenarios, the client displayed the following, and when connectivity was restored I was able to resume my session.



Good to know this isn’t a universal issue, thanks for the reply!

I’ve reinstalled again just to make sure, and am still experiencing this issue. I’ve also done some additional testing, but I wasn’t able to produce a graceful exit in any scenario.

I have, however, noticed that disconnecting by disabling the WiFi is recoverable if and only if I reconnect the wifi before the stream is closed manually. (The stream still freezes but unfreezes when the connection returns.) I haven’t been able to replicate this behavior with ethernet.

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@RJWadley Are you able to try and recreate this on any other system? Possibly a modern one if possible. 


@RJWadley Are you able to try and recreate this on any other system? Possibly a modern one if possible. 


I was able to recreate it today on my dad’s computer as well, though the freezing is not permanent on that computer. I’ll be testing it on more computers soon and will update then.