Shadow Blocks inputs from my pc

  • 5 August 2020
  • 3 replies

Shadow seems to work fine except for one issue. When I have shadow open and its the program that is on top, I lose the ability to push to talk on my main pc for whatever voice service i’m using rather it be discord or teamspeak. When I try to use discord or teamspeak on shadow itself instead, the audio quality isnt great so I would rather just use discord or teamspeak on my own computer while playing my games on shadow. Is something like this possible? I understand I can just turn on voice activation and it will work fine but I am used to using push to talk.

3 replies


Please if you figure out the solution let me know!


This is an intended feature, not a bug. If you want to use a keycombo on your local PC, you can press Win + Alt + F then click your taskbar or a different open program. Then you can go back to your Shadow and use Win + Alt + F to go back to fullscreen.