Shadow can only be started in windowed mode and the mouse jumps when playing!

  • 10 November 2021
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My Shadow always gets an error message when I start it in full screen mode!
if i disable Color Enhancement (4:4:4) in the settings, then shadow starts with green screen flickering.

I have these two problems on my old notebook.


For testing purposes, I have installed shadow on FireTV. on FireTV I do not have such problems. But I find that shadow does not work perfectly. The mouse is a bit delayed. On my notebook in windowed mode I don't have the problem.

However, on my FIreTV and on my notebook I have the problem that I can't play a game properly with my mouse.  If I want to move the caracter in Blade and Soul, for example, then the image jumps randomly back and forth. the same problem I have with CoD Warzone. I first thought maybe it's my mouse, so I tested two expensive gaming mouses, unfortunately the problem remained. under these circumstances shadow is unusable for me... what can I do? I really need help.

sorry for my english, i hope it's still all understandable.


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Hi @Xulamore 

Please fill this out to give shadow the information it needs to start working on this bug:


Bug reporting Template:

  • Describe the bug (required)

    • Provide a detailed description of the bug

    • Include screenshots if possible

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    • Example:

      • 1. Start Shadow

      • 2. Plug in headset XXX

      • 2. Open the Quick Menu an mic

    • After these steps, does the bug occur 100% of the time? Or sometimes?

  • Application/device, official or beta, and version number (required)

    • Example: Windows official Launcher v4.14.19 Client v3.2.17

  • Additional Context

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      • Any other relevant info that could be useful

      • Copy and paste the template below and fill it out in your post: