Shadow Client Won't Start on Windows 10

  • 27 December 2020
  • 2 replies

  • Application type: Windows 10 64 bit (tried 32 bit as well)

  • Shadow Client Version: Official

  • Local device CPU: i7-6700HQ

  • Local device GPU: Nvidia 950M + Intel HD 530

  • Datacenter location : California

  • Connection speed : N/A

  • Description of issue: I have downloaded and installed the Windows shadow client. However, the installation prompt finishes and exits itself without any popup, and the shortcut created on desktop along with the start menu option does not work. Clicking it results in nothing running.

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2 replies

If I recall correctly, the first time I signed up and downloaded, I had the same issue -- resolved by rebooting, then signing into website prior to launching.  I didn’t test to see which one of those fixed it, but it’s been working great ever since!



Thanks for the help. My shadow got activated today and I was able to access it via my iPad, but the same issue persists after rebooting and signing in on my browser. This is getting weird.