Shadow crashes/freezes after playing for a short time, then disappears sometimes when I back out to try to go back into it. Any ideas on how to fix?

  • 8 December 2020
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Hi, sometimes after playing for awhile, shadow will freeze/crash midgame, doesn't matter which, and I have to exit shadow then go back into it. Its becoming more frequent that shadow just disappears and I cant reopen it for awhile or I restart my laptop. Like, the application itself wont let me reopen it no matter how many times i try to open it. I am not running the beta version as I had more stability with the regular shadow. I had been using the beta prior for a little while then went back to the regular one.

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1 reply

when ever i could not reopen shadow after closing or error, i noticed under task manager it has like 4-5 processes that need to be ended first.