Shadow doesn´t start (Amsterdam)

  • 2 October 2021
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Shadow launcher doesn`t start the remote desktop. It seems it will hang in a loading loop - without error. Does anybody have the same Problem?

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5 replies


Having lots of issues today, hangs at starting shadows repeatedly. And using the android tv app on a Nvidia Shield the app also hangs and won't return to the home window. Only way out is rebooting the entire Nvidia Shield. 

Got many issued top, starting Problems, DC. Unplayable with this crap. Ripped HC soso d2r 89 nice

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Not being able to use Shadow yesterday evening and this evening. Tried it this morning using the iPhone and I got connected. It boots me straight back to Shadow is Offline (using a Ghost).

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Hi folks,

If your experiencing this issue please send in a ticket along with the Log code from sending log’s button in your client. -Gelgoog

I also have this issue. Can’t start my shadow this evening 😔