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I recently upgraded my laptop from a razer blade 15 gtx 1060 to a Zephyrus G14 rtx 3060. I use shadow when I game on the go to save battery but I don’t know why it started to lag so much on the new machine. My setup is - laptop connected to dell usb c hub > 2 external monitors. This worked on my previous setup with the Blade 15. But for some reason, shadow lags on the G14. I tried unplugging the external displays and just use the laptop itself but the result is the same. The stream seems to leave shadows of what I do. Sorry I couldn’t find the right term for it. But an example is is I right click on the desktop to show the menu, the menu stays shown on the screen even after I right click on a another area which again leaves the menu shown when I click on another area. Here are the things I’ve tried to fix it. 
1. update shadow (win update).

  1. Restart shadow. 
    3. update g14 laptop and restart. 
    4. Unplug usb c hub and use just laptop display. 
    5. run speed test and tried setting bandwidth lower and higher than what was detected. 
    6. Changed speed to reliability in shadow.

I hope someone can help me find what caused this. Using my phone, the stream is fine and working great. (Same network at home with 200mbs dl and 10-15 mbs ul. 

Thank you to anyone who can help me. 

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I tried to enable the H.265 coding and for some reason it fixes it. Another observation I noticed was that the bandwidth hovers from 2mbs-15mbs on the statistics. This is odd because I ran the bandwidth test a lot of times and it always set it to 50Mbps. I hope someone figures this out. Thanks again!

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I like using (selecting the “Compare Frame Rates: Video Game Motion” and then setting the top pane frame rate to match your target setting - usually 60) for assessing stream performance, as it’s a simple way to generate “activity” without launching a game.

Can you provide a screenshot of your Quick Menu (WIN+ALT+O) while running the test in fullscreen? It will look like this: