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  • 15 November 2020
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Hello Guys,


I am having trouble connecting to my 5GHz network with my Shadow Ghost recently. I’ve read that others have the same issue on other French forums. Do you experience the same thing?Did you find a solution?


This is troublesome as my games have become unplayable (loads of freezes, lags and stuff)...


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2 replies

Can this be related to the recent lag issues other users have been experiencing since the update?


Generally you have to be quite close to the router to even see the 5GHz networks on your Shadow Ghost, because of where my Shadow Ghost is I am not within range of my 5GHz so I just use a LAN Cable to my Shadow Ghost instead as I find this gets better results over Wi-Fi. I personally don’t recommend gaming on Wi-Fi if you can get away with having a LAN cable to your Shadow Ghost.