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  • 9 December 2020
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My Ghost seems to be limited in the video output its capable of on my ultrawide display. Its running at 3840x1080@60hz but won’t run at 5120x1440@60hz (the display’s native resolution) despite the larger res still being less pixels than the officially supported 4kUHD@60hz spec.


I’ve tried enabling h.265 and setting custom resolutions on the desktop but no luck. Any suggestions on how to get it working would be great or failing that, suggestions on the cheapest hardware that will run the app at my native resolution

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2 replies

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When you say it’s limited and incapable, what exactly are the results you are getting?

Also keep in mind that the ghost requires an HDMI connection. Even if you use an HDMI to Displayport adapter, and you plug into one of the displayport openings on the monitor, it’s still an HDMI connection. Therefore any limitations from the monitor about what it can and can’t do when using HDMI are going to apply, such as maximum resolution and Hz.

If the monitor supports that resolution and Hz when using HDMI, then you should update the nvidia drivers on your shadow, possibly install any monitor drivers if possible, and if all else fails, create a custom resolution.


the results are as described in my original post. It looks like the Ghost just doesn’t support the wider aspect ratio at 5120x1440 despite it actually being less pixels to process than a typical 4k screen. This just got confirmed by the Shadow support team.


The next step is to identify what hardware I could look to switch to that would support the Shadow app at the resolution I’m looking for. Lots of gaming machines do but that seems to defeat the point of having Shadow. I want the cheapest possible solution to maximise the benefit of paying for Shadow.