Shadow Internet Much slower than usual, causing lag

  • 17 December 2020
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i just logged back into shadow after about 2 hours. to notice that when I went into a game, it was lagging. not studdering lag, but actual lag. i thought it might've been my laptop, but when I did a speed check on the actual shadow pc. it read 130MB Per Second. which is way lower than then 1GB that that usually have. i am on the texas datacenter, can someone help me

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2 replies

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MEGA BYTES pers second is vastly different from Mega Bits per second. 130 MB converts into 1040Mbps aka slightly over a gigabit per second. 

If your curious 8 Megabits convert’s into 1 Megabyte. so 130 Megabytes is 1040 Mbps. 

I'm connected to Texas as well and having major problems this morning. Screen freezes completely and returns to normal about every 15-30 seconds.