Shadow is unavailable

  • 18 October 2021
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My shadow has been unavailable for over 40+ hours. Why? Is there a way to fix this issue or is it on Shadows side of things. One question asked the same and the answer was 12 hours but its been way longer.

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1 reply


I don’t believe any servers are down but you can check for yourself depending on where the location of your Shadow is. (Just type “shadow server status” into google”)


Make sure that your internet is running properly and maybe try restarting your PC.

I did have the same problem as you, I couldn’t access my Shadow for about 1 hour but I just kept trying to load it back up again and it worked. I believe it’s to do with everyone trying to get onto there Shadow on the same time and it’s causing some sort of internet traffic jam (internet congestion). So what I’d suggest unless you have an error message is keep trying and if not maybe try to lower your bandwidth when loading up your Shadow and turn it back up again so your not trying to send and get a load of data between you and Shadow. 


I can’t really suggest anything else unless you maybe speak to a Shadow Technical Assistant but I’m pretty sure they will say the same thing.


Hope it works all out.