Shadow moved my instance, can it be moved back?

  • 4 March 2023
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I have my Shadow instance located in Texas for a specific reason, but it was auto-migrated to Montreal, Canada. Contacted support and they said they were unable to move the instance back, and that the instance was migrated to give me better latency. While I do get better latency now, I specifically chose the Texas server so that my friend and I can play local non-networked games with equal latency (he lives on the west coast, I live on the east coast).

Is it true that there’s no way to migrate my Shadow instance back? I’ve been subscribed for three months and regularly connecting to Dallas servers with no issue, and if it can’t be moved back I don’t have a reason to keep my subscription.

1 reply

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You can cancel your subscription and create a new account under a different email to sign up on the Texas data center again.


Otherwise, I would try to work with the Support Team to further explain your situation and see if there are different options they can explore different options for you.