shadow pc stucked on windows update plus i still can't login

  • 17 July 2022
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hi there,

my shadow pc is stucked to windows update screen after a restart it to install some updates. I’ve turned it off and on again to see if this could solve the problem but at the restart i get stucked at the same screen.

plus i can’t login into my account on the site and dunno why.

any help?


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2 replies

ive been like this for 4 days


I’ve solved this,

basically I did nothing but write to the French support (I’m European) and they are so fast and kind, they answered me in 10 minute on Sunday!. Basically after a  check they told me it was all fine indeed when I switched on the machine it was all ok and next updates installed flawlessly. But if u still have the problem login into your account, you will easily find an option that erase your disk and allow you to reinstall windows on your machine. This is a bit extreme so before try to contact the support.

for the login problem I solved it joining from the shadow pc, dunno why from there I can and I cannot form my personal pc. 

that’s all.